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Specialty Coffee
100% from coffee plantations

Since 1994
Roasted in Berlin

Green Plastic

Sold out! We couldn't get hold of any more raw Jaguar Honey SHB beans.

But there is a fantastic new Costa Rica coffee called Naranjo de Dota.

Our new coffee from Costa Rica is truly a special coffee. 

By purchasing this coffee, you are supporting Fundazoo, for the protection of the declining jaguar population in Costa Rica.

A portion of the proceeds from this coffee will be donated to support jaguar research, habitat management and education there. 


A mild coffee with fine acidity and full flavor.

Jaguar Honey SHB comes from Tarrazú, known as Costa Rica's coffee nursery, from where pioneers began exporting Costa Rican coffee to the world.

Produced in Beneficio San Diego, one of the three largest (and most modern) coffee grinders in Costa Rica, Jaguar Honey SHB is - as the name suggests - a coffee processed with honey.

Compared to other processing methods, water consumption is very low.

A shorter fermentation time gives the coffee a mild acidity that is intermediate between natural and washed coffee.

In the honey process, as used here, the skin of the cherry is completely removed, and only the mucilage remains on the parchment.

A honey coffee bean has a lighter, honey-yellow color. 


Coarse: filter coffee machine

Fine: portafilter


250g bag | € 10,30
500g bag | € 18,00
1000g bag | € 33,00

The 100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a resealable aroma fresh bag.