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Matcha Shortbead

Matcha Shortbead
Although I have a weakness for beautiful teacups, but I'm not a real tea drinker. Until I came one day on the taste of green tea. Since then I love him. And do you know what I especially like this green tea short breads? That you fit so wonderfully to my coffee!
For 24 pieces

100 g sugar
200 g butter | soft
1/2 TL Matcha Green Tea Powder | available in the specialty shop or online
2 Tl fresh ginger | fine grated | at will
200 g flour
100 g rice flour
1 pinch of salt
1. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C (convection or bottom heat). Baking tray (E) with baking paper.
2. Beat crey with food machine or hand mixer butter and sugar. Add Matcha Tea and Ginger and continue. The two flours and the salt give stirring until everything is well mixed.
Then knead the dough with the hand. This dough is quite dry. Thats alright.
3. Triangles: Share the dough into four servings and form a slice directly on the baking tray (12 cm Ø, 1 cm thick). With a large knife inullear four times, so that equal triangles are created, but they are cut through only after baking (see point 4).
Rectangles: Halve the dough. Form a strip from each half. (6 cm wide, 1 cm thick). Cut pieces at a distance of 2 cm and place on the baking sheet.
Circles: Shapes the dough to a roll of approx. 4 cm Ø. 1 cm thick pieces section and place on the baking sheet.
To cut out: Roll out the dough 1 cm thick. With cookie cutters different shapes as close to each other, make sure that there are as little dough as possible between the individual figures. If you roll out the dough more often than twice, he quickly becomes soft.
4. For all shortbread variants: Easily pierce the dough with a fork to the ground and decorate it with a pattern. This prevents the dough from baking when baking. Then sprinkle with sugar and vanilla salt.
5. Bake 17-18 minutes until golden brown. To cool for 5 minutes, cut the sanded three-corner now!
Allow the pastry to cool on the baking tray before you put it on a plate. The short breads are fragile warm.

Recipe from Cynthia Barcomi's BackbuchCookies| Photo © Maja Smend

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