Swiss Chocolate Almond

10,40 €

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Specialty Coffee
100% from coffee plantations

Since 1994
Roasted in Berlin

Green Plastic

The thought to modify our popular Swiss Chocolate aroma coffee inspired us to come up with this variation with almond.

Suitable for any type of coffee preparation, including fully automatic coffee machines.

You can use the aroma coffees to prepare both coffee and espresso drinks such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc. 


Our aromatized coffee is our classic, house-roasted Barcomi's plantation coffee - but enhanced with nature-identical flavorings. 

The base is our House Blend - a blend of South American and African highland coffees. 

Use the aromatized beans in any coffee machine and for any preparation. 

Only nature-identical flavorings are added – no sugar and not sweetened.



The thought to modify our popular Swiss Chocolate aroma coffee inspired us to come up with this variation with almond.

The roasted coffee beans are mixed in their respective flavors after roasting, giving them that certain something.


250 g bag | € 9,90
500 g bag | € 16,90
1000 g bag | € 29,90

The 100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a resealable aroma-fresh bag.