Christmas Cookie Jar

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Available from December 6th.

Give the gift of unforgettable Barcomi's Christmas cookies in beautiful gift packaging.

Now also suitable for DHL shipping throughout Germany!


Delicious Barcomi's Christmas cookies for giving away or snacking yourself! In the can:

    • Gingerbread cookies
    • Chocolate dreamer
    • Almond Cinnamon Biscotti
    • Pinwheel cookies
    • Mini Walnut Pie

The pastry comes in a clear container of the 10 cm high and has a diameter of 10 cm. In addition, he is provided with a beautiful festive Barcomi's label and the container can be screwed up with a beautiful aluminum lid.

Ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, chocolate, walnuts, almonds, egg, cinnamon, vanilla aroma (no vanillin), soda, baking powder, salt.