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Made in England
...with love


25 years

Expected again available from the end of November!

      • Professional quality of anodized aluminum
      • Optimal heat distribution and anti-stick effect
      • 25 years warranty
      • Made by hand in England
      • Easy handling for a perfect baking result
      • Through the anodization, the aluminum is sealed and can not get into the food. The use is absolutely safe.


    The perfect set for all beginners! You get a 23 cm biscuit shape with removable floor, a rectangular baking dish 23x23 cm, a muffin shape and our popular measuring spoons.

    the Biscuit form is the ideal shape for all tort species, such as biscuits and cheesecakes. Even Cinnamon rolls or rolls can be baked wonderfully in this form.

    The baking pan has solid pages and a removable floor. Thanks to a slight press on the ground, the finished pastry can be quickly and easily removed from the mold.

    The special feature of the RRealret baking dish 23x23 cm Is the pull-out bottom - as with a drawer, the lower part of the mold can be solved from the edge. This facilitates the cutting out of the pastry - because they are effortlessly approaching all four corners without destroying the pastry. The ideal shape for intersections like brownies, bars and much more.

    Our Muffin is suitable for 12 muffins or cupcakes. Cynthia also likes to bake single Cinnamon rolls or rolls.

    The material guarantees optimum and rapid heat and refrigeration due to its high conductivity. So e.g. the pastry in the baking dish frozen and thawed without problems. You can easily cut on the bakeware. Although a knife can leave slight traces, but not the function of the baking dish. The stainless, anodized aluminum offers an exceptional anti-stick effect without being coated.

    To anodize baking molds made of aluminum, they are placed in an electrolytic bath and anodized by a current flow. This creates an oxide surface that protects the metal core and makes it the optimum performance.

    Quote Cynthia: "Without measuring spoons, I would never bake something or cook! Only with their help you can measure small amounts exactly.

    the Scoop There are 18-8 stainless steel are stainless and hold a lifetime. You can precisely measure the units of 1/4 teaspoons, 1/2 teaspoons, teaspoons and tablespoons.

    The metals Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware Coin makes a beautiful accessory for every kitchen from the practical measuring spoons.

    Question about the product? Just write an e-mail or look into our FAQs we like to answer all questions. Fast and reliable.




    Country of origin: ENGLAND
    GUARANTEE: 25 years - on the baking dish
    Sourdough resistant: YES
    Grease: YES
    CLEANING: We recommend washing the shape by hand.
    Scratch resistant: You can easily cut on the baking dish. Although a knife can leave slight traces, but not the function of the baking dish.
    Heat resistance: To 280 ° C
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    Marie H.
    Germany Germany

    Erwartungen übertroffen !

    Ich bin sehr begeistert von dem Set. Ich muss nichts einfetten, die Kuchen lassen sich prima herauslösen und es wird gleichmäßig gebacken. Vielen Dank


    Cynthia Barcomi's Online Shop

    Wie toll! Liebe Marie, das freut uns sehr. Ganz viel Spaß weiterhin damit! Alles Liebe, Esmé