Princess Sparkle

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Made in Germany
Best ingredients

Azo dye free
Acceptable dyes

Without genetic technology
Good ingredients

The dream of every girl (or boy): small pink hearts, rosane big hearts, rosane gloss pearls, small silver pearls & glitter sugar. Who does not want this mix easyeverythingdecorate?

Through the variety of different crumbs, the result is truly particularly and dynamic.


The edible crumbling mixture comes in a clear container of the 6.5cm high and has a diameter of about 7cm. In addition, he is with the prettyCynthia's sprinklesLabeled.

The container can be screwed up with a beautiful aluminum lid.

Our products do not contain genetically modified ingredients and are azo-color free!

Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, rice flour, rice oil, potato starch, wheat starch, corn starch, wheat malt, wheat gluten, glucose syrup, gelatine, aroma, E 120, E 171, E 174, E 904, E 414,Red preted juice concentrate, beeswax, milk chocolate, cocoa butter.

Can contain traces of nuts, rye, barley, oats & spells.

Protect from heat, store dry and protected.



Weight / quantity: 160g