Birthday Cake | 20cm, 23cm or 25cm Ø

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Since 1994

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Based on our own recipe
From Cynthia Barcomi

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Always without additives
Without flavor enhancers or gelatine

The perfect birthday cake! Although this festive cake is great for any type of celebration.

Originally only available in a 15cm size, but thanks to the great demand for other sizes now also with 20cm, 23cm or 25cm in diameter.

Vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry puree and vanilla buttercream. With sprinkles all over – very festive.

The photo is our classic 15cm size - a larger cake will of course be bigger.

Available in four different sizes:
2) Approx. 20cm diameter | for 8 to 10 people
3) Approx. 23cm diameter | for 12 to 14 people
4) Approx. 25cm diameter | for 14 to 16 people

All cakes – no matter which diameter – have a height of about 10 to 12cm.

For these special sizes we need three days lead-in time. If you need a Birthday Cake earlier, then we recommend ordering the Birthday Cake with 15cm diameter. As it is part of our daily assortment and available immediately.


Do you deliver too? 
Yes, we also deliver. You can choose whether you want to pick your order up at our café in Kreuzberg or have it delivered anywhere in Berlin

Do you also deliver Sundays? 
We deliver 7 days a week – also on Sundays.

Do you also deliver to the city limit? 
Yes, we deliver throughout all of Berlin – also to the city border. Should the system not recognize your postal code, give us a call at 030 612 037 32.

How long will the cake stay fresh? The cake, like everything at Barcomi's, is made fresh and by hand. It will be good for at least 3 to 5 days after it is received. 

Do you also make bigger cakes? Yes, we do. These just aren’t available in our online shop. Have a look here for larger cakes. 

Do you also offer more personalized decoration and cakes? Yes, anything is possible. Have a look here for more about Barcomi’s special order cakes. 

You can also reach us in the chat if you have further questions. We answer personally and usually answer within a few minutes. 

How about a card to go with your cake?

...and/or a nice candle?