Baking course | 2.May

29,99 €

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Date and Time:Sunday, 02.05.2021 | 10:00

Location: Online - the link you get from us in advance by e-mail

Length of time: about 2 hours

"After the first digital baking courses were such a success and, above all, so much fun I thought, I thought that I now always have a Sunday morning every two weeks

digital baking class. "- Cynthia

Theme this time: Pesto Twists & Spring Soup

Special additive:
We will start a sourdough starter together! Step by step, we go through everything and the next baking course on May 16th we look in common, what happened in the two weeks and what you can do now.

Quote Cynthia: "Because once you have a starter, a whole new world of baking opens!"

In a live baking show you do something hearty again with Cynthia.

All at home at Cynthia in the kitchen - accompanied with a professional camera guide.

You get the recipes in advance so you can bake / cook in parallel with cynthia if you want.

    Cynthia is looking forward to a great workshop with you!

    Limited to 100 tickets.

    Each ticket is valid for a person. If you want to participate in several people together on the baking course, please buy a ticket each.

    Pesto Twists Photo © Maja Smend from "Cookies"