Baking course | 16 May

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Date and Time:Sunday, 16.05.2021 | 10:00

Location: Online - the link you get from us in advance by e-mail

Length of time: about 2 hours

"After the first digital baking courses were such a success and, above all, so much fun I thought, I thought that I now always have a Sunday morning every two weeks digital baking class. "- Cynthia

Theme this time: Vanilla Strawberry Naked Cake with a light Swiss Meringue Buttercreme & Spicy Cheese Cookies

We will also discuss the sausage starter attached in the baking course on 2 May.

All at home at Cynthia in the kitchen - accompanied with a professional camera guide.

You get the recipes in advance so you can bake / cook in parallel with cynthia if you want.

You need for the cake either 2 x 15 cm bakeware or any other round baking mold 2 x - Cynthia has worked out for the 15 cm size the recipe, and sends a table so that you can easily calculate the quantities for each other size. Very easily!

    Cynthia is looking forward to a great workshop with you!

    Limited to 100 tickets.

    Each ticket is valid for a person. If you want to participate in several people together on the baking course, please buy a ticket each.