Antipasti Platter | small

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All our delicacies to enjoy.

Selected cheeses:

- Cave aged Gruyère
- Appenzeller
- Provolone
- Chèvre goat cheese roll
- Brie
- Sheepsfeta
- Buffalo mozzarella

Selected sausages:

- Ardenne Saucisson
- Parma ham
- Original US Pastrami
-  Original Bündnerfleisch
- Roséwine ham

- Smoked salmon


- Hummus | vegan
- Black Bean Spread | vegan
- Dried tomato & herbs cream cheese
- Horseradish, capers & dill cream cheese
- Butter

- Pickled roasted semi-dried tomatoes
- Cornichons
- Green olives
- Artichokes alla romana

Divided into vegan, vegetarian & meat.

We recommend ordering a bread selection to add to the antipasti! For example, our bagels or baguette.

On high quality disposable plates made of palm leaves – compostable.

Depending on what is served in addition to the platter, for about 6 people.

Orders must be received by us at 4 pm no lateradet. Orders for weekend or Monday must arrive Friday until 16 o'clock.

You need it quicker? Then call us at 030 612 037 32.


Do you deliver too?
 Yes, we also deliver. You can choose whether you want to get picked up or supplied with us in Kreuzberg.

Does you also deliver Sundays? We deliver 7 days a week - also on Sunday.

Do you also deliver to the city limit? Yes, we deliver throughout Berlin - also to the city border. If the system does not recognize your postal code, call us at 030 612 037 32.