French rolling pin

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  • 50 cm long and 5 cm in diameter
  • Made in Germany
  • From FSC certified beech wood


Classic French rolling pin or dougher

massiveFSC certifiedBeech wood - made in Germany.

On the sides with the beautifulCynthia Barcomi KitchenwareLogo intured.

Why absolutely made of wood?

There are many reasons why you prefer a rolling pin made of wood a rolling pin made of plastic or metal. First, wood is as materialantibacterialAs plastic as it is less porous.

In addition, dough remains less glued to wood than metal, but it can bebuggle(very important!).

Last but not least, it has a specific oneWeight- Not too heavy, because you do not want to crush the dough, but not too easy to use too much pressure when used.

Every professional baker works with a rolling pin made of wood.

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