Veggie Brunch Package | For Two

27,50 €

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Since 1994


Based on our own recipe
From Cynthia Barcomi

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Always without additives
Without flavor enhancers or gelatine

The perfect veggie brunch package for home!

You get:
- Hummus
- Black bean spread

- Guacamole with avocado & peas
- Lentil salad
- Quinoa salad
- Fruit salad

- Butter
- Bread
- Bagels

Everything in this package is vegan - except the butter. Please select if you like to have butter or not.


Do you deliver too?
Yes, we also deliver. You can choose whether you want to get picked up or supplied with us in Kreuzberg.

There is a minimum order value of € 29.00 for a delivery.

Does you also deliver Sundays?We deliver 7 days a week - also on Sunday.

Do you also deliver to the city limit?Yes, we deliver throughout Berlin - also to the city border. If the system does not recognize your postal code, call us at 030 612 037 32.