Pan Bagna | different kinds

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Since 1994


Based on our own recipe
From Cynthia Barcomi

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Always without additives
Without flavor enhancers or gelatine

New in our online shop! Our catering classic and customer favorite: Pan Bagna.

What is Pan Bagna? It's a kind of Mediterranean sandwich on a sourdough baguette - and has been an integral part of our catering range for years.

With three different varieties to choose from:

1) Roasted vegetables with dried tomato cream cheese, arugula & black olives | first picture
2) Tuna, olives, tomatoes & arugula | second picture
3) Chèvre goat's cheese, tomatoes & arugula | not pictured

One baguette makes 8 individual pieces, as shown in the pictures.

Minimum order quantity: 1 baguette with 8 individual pieces

Price per individual piece: €3.60 - results in €28.80 for 8 pieces

Minimum order quantity: 1 baguette with 8 individual pieces

Price per piece: €3.60

Served on high quality disposable palm leaf platter – compostable.

Please order with two days lead-in time.

You need it sooner? Call us at 030 612 037 32 – we may be able to help.


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