Set book "Modern Baking" & PIE & Tarteform 23 cm

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The book is sent by Cynthia hand signed. Gladly personalized with name.

The perfect set to Cynthia's latest book!

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The set consists of Cynthia Barcomi's 8tem book Modern baking as well as a pie & tarteform suitable for many recipes in the book Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware Baking mold series.

The special thing about the Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware Baking pan:
    • Professional quality of anodized aluminum
    • Optimal heat distribution and anti-stick effect
    • 25 years warranty
    • Made in England
    • Easy handling for a perfect baking result
    • Through the anodization, the aluminum is sealed and can not get into the food. The use is absolutely safe.

Description | Pie & Tarteform

The material guarantees optimum and rapid heat and refrigeration due to its high conductivity. So e.g. the pastry in the baking dish frozen and thawed without problems. You can easily cut on the bakeware. Although a knife can leave slight traces, but not the function of the baking dish. The stainless, anodized aluminum offers an exceptional anti-stick effect without being coated.

To anodize baking molds made of aluminum, they are placed in an electrolytic bath and anodized by a current flow. This creates an oxide surface that protects the metal core and makes it the optimum performance.

Description | A BOOK

Healthy baking recipes by Cynthia Barcomi

The Queen of Baking is back! Cynthia Barcomi surprises you in this backbuch with modern recipes, which are vegan, sometimes gluten-free, sometimes classic - and above all always delicious! As usual, she presents the Best-of the American bakery, but shows what healthy ingredients can be prepared: because Cheesecakes, Donuts, Cookies & Co. also provide mandelamous or flaxseed for fantastic taste.

Bake with Cynthia Barcomi new:

- Modern baking recipes: From Cheesecakes about pies and tarts tothereCookies and Donuts - Barcomi presents their favorite recipes on a modern way. This means natural ingredients, sometimes gluten and lactose-free, sometimes use with vegan alternatives. This is how genuine baking rates happen in everyday life
- Modern baking: Refined sugar and white flour are already no more in the bakery - Barcomi provides proof. It has tested alternative ingredients for traditional American pastries such as Donuts and Cupcakes and not only creates healthier recipes, but also special taste kicks.
- Trade Customer: Whether almond flour instead of wheat flour, nutrink instead of cow's milk, flaxseed instead of eggs or pneumatic sugar instead of refined white sugar - In addition to a detailed idea of ​​the contemporary ingredients, Cynthia Barcomi gives you concrete replacement tips in some recipes. So you conjure up in no time, e.g. Vegan alternatives.

American, modern backlust on a new, innovative level - with Cynthia Barcomi, expand your horizon for the modern world of baking!

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