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Specialty Coffee
100% from coffee plantations

Since 1994
Roasted in Berlin

Green Plastic


This espresso is made from 82% Arabica beans and 18% Robusta "India Parchment" beans.


A South American that grows very high, hence the addition SHG: "Strictly High Grown", with a growing altitude of up to 1.600 meters.

The coffee comes from the administrative districts of Matagalpa and Jinotega, where the San Ramón and San José estates are located.

Very strong thanks to the Italian roasting.

The blend is composed of Nicaragua (El Capitan), India Parchment AB (Kaima Kadoo), Brasil Alfenas (Mundo Novo).

It is the standard in our café and comes through flavorfully if you like your espresso with lots of milk.

🇩🇪 Dieser Espresso besteht aus 82% Arabica Bohnen und 18% Robusta "Indien Parchment" Bohnen.

Which grinding degree?

Coarse: filter coffee machine
Fine: sieve carrier

250 g bag | € 9,50
500 g bag | € 15,00
1000 g bag | € 27,30

The espresso is shipped in a resealable aroma freshness bag.

This espresso consists of 82% Arabica beans and 18% Robusta "India Parchment" beans.