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Specialty Coffee
100% from coffee plantations

Since 1994
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Green Plastic

We are excited to announce that a new Costa Rican coffee, Naranjo de Dota, will be available from March 20th.

Only available for a short time: 125g special size for testing!

This particular bean is named after the growing region in San José where it is cultivated.

By purchasing this coffee, you are supporting farms that are solely run by women.


The Tarrazú region, where this coffee grows, is the nursery of Costa Rican specialty coffees. It is situated in the country’s highlands, southeast of the capital, San José, where the slopes of its Mountains dominate the landscape, and coffee plantations are found at over 1,500 metres above sea level.

It cultivates Arabica coffee, mostly Caturra and Catuaí varieties. All cherries are handpicked, ensuring only ripe coffee is selected, guaranteeing the high-quality cup characteristic of the area.

This lot was prodced in the primarily inaccessible lands up the Pirris River basin. The quality of Costa Rican coffee is influenced by its geography and climate. The combination of volcanic soil, a cool, moist climate, temperature, sunlight, and wet and dry seasons all combine to result in the right formula. The last coffee cherry to ripen is at the highest altitude. 

Gravel roads connect the various farms with the nearby towns of San Pablo, San Marcos, and Santa María. These towns, known as “Los Santos,” meaning The Saints,” are famous around the world for being the towns where pioneers exported the first Costa Rican coffee bags to Europe. 

Evaristo Madrigal Ureña owns and runs the Finca Cafetalera in the south of the San José region, close to the small viallage of Naranjo. She employs 25 coffee picker during peak harvest and runs the farm with three family members. Her lot is fully washed, fermented for 8 hours and dried in the sun for two weeks.


Coarse: filter coffee machine
Fine: portafilter


250g bag | 10.30€
500g bag | 18.00€
1000g bag | 33.00€

The 100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a resealable aroma fresh bag.