Bircher Muesli

3,50 €

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Our famous Bircher muesli. 

With grated apples, berries, hazelnuts, honey & yogurt.

Available in three different sizes & packaging types:

1) In single portions in plastic cups - perfect for a nice catering
2) 300g - sufficient for 2 to 3 people, depending on what else is served with it
3) 1kg

This muesli is part of our daily assortment and can be picked up immediately from us in Kreuzberg or after consultation also available for delivery on the same day! The minimum order value for a delivery is €39. 


Do you deliver too? 
Yes, we also deliver. You can choose whether you want to get picked up or supplied with us in Kreuzberg. There is a minimum order value of €39 for a delivery.

Does you also deliver Sundays? We deliver 7 days a week - also on Sunday.

Do you also deliver to the city limit? Yes, we deliver throughout Berlin - also to the city border. If the system does not recognize your postal code, call us at 030 612 037 32.

How long does the Bircher muesli keep? Like everything at Barcomi's, the muesli is made fresh and by hand. It will be good for at least 3 to 5 days after receipt. 

Do you also offer other catering options? Yes, we do. It's just not available in our online store. Check HERE for our full catering range.

You can also contact us via chat if you have any further questions. We usually answer within a few minutes and in person.