Set of book "baking book" & biscuit floor form 25 cm

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Special features | Bakeware
  • Professional quality of anodized aluminum
  • Optimal heat distribution and anti-stick effect
  • 25 years warranty
  • Handmade in England
  • Easy handling for a perfect baking result
  • Through the anodization, the aluminum is sealed and can not get into the food. The use is absolutely safe.

Description | Bakeware

Classic shape for sweet and savory tartes, pie and quiches.

The baking pan has solid pages and a removable floor. Thanks to a slight press on the ground, the finished pastry can be quickly and easily removed from the mold.

The material guarantees optimum and rapid heat and refrigeration due to its high conductivity. So e.g. the pastry in the baking dish frozen and thawed without problems. You can easily cut on the bakeware. Although a knife can leave slight traces, but not the function of the baking dish. The stainless, anodized aluminum offers an exceptional anti-stick effect without being coated.

To anodize baking molds made of aluminum, they are placed in an electrolytic bath and anodized by a current flow. This creates an oxide surface that protects the metal core and makes it the optimum performance.

Description | A BOOK

70 recipes for biscuits in all shapes and flavors: cookies, crackers, shortbread, brownies, baisers, biscotti, pig ears, cat tongues, Americans, Macaroons ...

Whether for coffee or tea, as a pretty gift, for guests, rainy afternoons or cravings, as a bedshot, energy chick or simply in between - here everyone finds his new favorite recipe.

Everything conjured in no time, simply preach.

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SET: Book & Form