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Finally! Cynthia's first book in English!

After 9 best-selling baking books in German, Cynthia's first book in English is her. 

As always, all books that are ordered via the online shop are hand signed by Cynthia - gladly personalized with name.

The perfect set to go with Cynthia's new book! The Batch Baking book is all about recipes that can be stored or prepared. 

So of course, storage containers that are perfectly coordinated with the book make for a great set. 

You get two fantastic rectangular Mepal storage containers in the sizes 750ml and 1,500ml. These are both great sizes for, for example, frostings / buttercreams, doughs and sourdoughs – everything you will find in this new book by Cynthia. 

Both storage containers feature the beautiful Cynthia Barcomi logo. 

Why did Cynthia choose rectangular containers? "Rectangular containers are just perfect for storing in the refrigerator or freezer. They save space and are practical!"


  • Microwaveable, freezer safe and dishwasher safe
  • Leak proof
  • Airtight
  • Aroma-tight
  • Lid with viewing window
  • 100% BPA free


The Cynthia Barcomi x Mepal storage containers are versatile. Thanks to the rectangular shape, you can now make the most of the space in your fridge or freezer.

By the way, the Cynthia Barcomi x Mepal storage containers can be used directly from the freezer or refrigerator in the microwave (without lid). Everything warmed up? Then you can put the chic bowls right on the table for serving.

The rectangular bowls are dishwasher safe. And when everything is clean again, the bowls including lids can be stacked into each other to save space. For more space in the kitchen cabinet!

The Cynthia Barcomi x Mepal storage containers are leak-proof as well as air- and aroma-tight. This means that food stays fresh in them for a long time.

Another advantage: through the transparent lid of the Cynthia Barcomi x Mepal storage containers you can see at a glance what you still have in the fridge or freezer!


MATERIAL: Polypropylen (PP), Thermoplastische Elastomere (TPE)


About Batch Baking

Batch bake without having to start from scratch each time you want home-baked goods.

Berlin Baking Queen Cynthia Barcomi revolutionises the way we bake. Simply make a dough, bake now or keep for later. Stock self-made doughs, batters and frostings in the fridge or freezer so you're ready to bake what you want when you want! Enjoy pancakes every morning for a week without starting from scratch each time. Get ahead with over 70 tried-and-tested recipes for cookies, cakes, breads, pies, tarts and even sourdough! Satisfy spontaneous cravings and unexpected guests with homemade convenience at your fingertips.

According to a recent study, half of Brits say they have baked at home at least once a week since the first national lockdown hit last March, and a total of 27% are baking more than once a week! Why not beat the baking odds and hone in on your meal-prep practice with this ultimate guide to batch-baking? Proving the only book on the market to consider batch-making for baking, this is a must-have volume for enthusiastic home bakers who find themselves pressed for time or only want to bake a small amount - just enough to satisfy a craving. Keeping doughs, batters and buttercreams fresh is easy!

This brilliant guide to baking includes:

-70 photographed dough, batter, pastry, and frosting recipes
-Fridge, Freeze, Bake from Frozen panels to help with batching and storing
-Gluten-free with vegan recipes and substitutions included throughout
-Icons to signify prep time and cooking time

Batch Baking is all about homemade convenience. Delicious pastries, breads, and cakes you make yourself will taste infinitely better than anything store-bought and working in batches makes it convenient too! Learn about the secrets to successfully making your own sourdough! Ever heard of a Cake-ie? And how about the most perfect chocolate chip cookies you have ever eaten? Make your own puff pastry and store it in the freezer for just that moment!

In this tasty baking book, TV chef Cynthia Barcomi shares over 70 of her tried-and-tested dough, batter, pastry, and frosting recipes, featuring vegan recipes, and including advice on working with doughs (with and without yeast), plus refrigeration and storage. A must-have volume for home bakers.