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You want to do a good Berlin hospital staff, but do not know how? Order a beautiful Care package with us!

We have our other mixed hospital care packages lunch Care packages considered.

Two options | Price incl. Delivery:

1) Classic lunch for 6 € per person - with a delicious sandwich and a cookie sponsored by us as dessert
2) Premium lunch for 8,50 € per person - with a delicious sandwich + salad and a cookie sponsored by us as dessert

The following sandwiches are occupied:

  • Hummus bagel sandwich | vegan
  • Bagel sandwich with horseradish capers dill cream cheese
  • Bagel sandwich with dried tomatoes & herbs cream cheese
  • Caprese Bagel sandwich
  • Parma Bagel sandwich

The following salads are made:

  • Pasta Salad | vegan
  • Quinoa Salad | vegan
  • Lentile Salad | vegan

Often the question came up, for how many people our care packages are. With these new lunch packages, every single package is really designed for a person.

So donate great, delicious lunch for the hard-work carers and doctors.

We deliver everything Corona compliant in single portions.

We have personal contact with staff in various hospitals in Berlin - so we make sure that what we deliver, also comes into the hospital and is brought to the doctors and nurses.

Let's support people together who really hit this Corona pandemic. Be there!

For each order we also control a bit above from Barcomi's- Whether coffee, pastries etc.

We are happy to add a personal message to your donation. Just write the text up to the note field.

Hospitals we currently supply:

  • Benjamin Franklin University Hospital
  • St. Gertrauden Hospital
  • St. Marien Hospital
  • Vivantes clinic at Urban
  • Waldfriede Hospital
  • DRK clinic
  • Vivantes Wenckebach Clinic
  • Vivantes Neukölln
  • DRK wedding
  • Charité
  • HELIOS Klinikum Emil von Behring
  • Jewish hospital
  • St. Joseph Hospital Berlin Tempelhof
  • Auguste Viktoria Clinic
  • DRK Westend

Would you like to donate another institution (nursing home, other hospital, etc.)? We like to do that! Just call us a direct contact in the institution and we coordinate the delivery.

There was a time, there we have taken the delivery costs completely. However, at the time the streets were empty and they came fixed by the city. This has changed now and there are reduced delivery charges for you - we are happy to meet and control you So that our part contributes.