Cynthia's BBQ Sauce

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For the special taste of barbecue - Cynthia's favorite BBQ sauce. Homemade with us in Berlin.

Sweet-sour in taste, some lemon, orange and ginger give this sauce that certain something.

290ml in wake glass.

Cynthia's tip:
The difference between a marinade and a barbeque sauce is that the meat is not inserted into the BBQ sauce and then grilled. The intense heat would burn the barbeque sauce and it would taste disgusting.

A barbeque sauce is created so that it is pengotted on the meat when there are still about 15 minutes of grill time left. She is only for so long on the meat that she has time to get warm and caramelise, but not long enough to burn.

Photo © Maja Smend from Cynthia Barcomi'sCookbook for festivals.


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