Frosted twinkle

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Made in Germany
Best ingredients

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Azo dye free
Acceptable dyes

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Without genetic technology
Good ingredients

"Twinkle" - English for sparkling and glittering. And that's exactly what this great new Steusel mix does. With pink gloss pearls, blue gloss pearls, green gloss pearls as well as small silver beads and stars as well as glitter sugar.

Whether on cookies, cookies, cupcakes or whole pies - with Frosted Twinkle you give each pastry a true shine.


The edible crumbling mixture comes in a clear container of the 6.5cm high and has a diameter of about 7cm. In addition, he is with the prettyCynthia's sprinklesLabeled.

The container can be screwed up with a beautiful aluminum lid.

Our products do not contain genetically modified ingredients and are azo-color free!

Ingredients: Sugar, rice oil, potato starch, cornstarch, wheat starch, rice flour, wheat flour, wheat malt, wheat gluten, glucose syrup, gelatin, aroma, E14, E 904, E 120, E 131, E 160A, E 171, E 172, E 174, milk chocolate, Cocoa butter, beeswax

KAnn traces of nuts, rye, barley, oats & spells included.

Protect from heat, store dry and protected.



Weight / quantity: 145g