Sumatra Bluebatak coffee

10,60 €

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Specialty Coffee
100% from coffee plantations

Since 1994
Roasted in Berlin

Green Plastic

250 g bag | € 10,30
500 g bag | € 18,00
1000 g bag | € 33,00

100% Arabica coffee is shipped in a resealable flavoring bag.


The Bluebatak has a powerful spice and an exotic aroma. He is one of the most famous coffee worldwide. Sumatra "body" are extremely filly, the acid - very typical - only subtly available.

The treatment "Semi washed" is often operated due to lack of water and combines in terms of taste the properties of "washed coffee" and dry edited beans.

On the one hand, the bluebatak is characterized by a fine acidity, such as "Washed Coffee". On the other hand, he shows about sweet and body similar properties like naturally "natural" prepared beans.

Which grinding degree?

Coarse: filter coffee machine
Fine: sieve carrier