Cheesecakes, Pies & Tartes

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Hand Signed by Cynthia Barcomi - gladly personalized with name.


Cheesecakes, Pies & Tartes:

The Baking Queen takes you to your home New York. Let yourself be seduced by the cake allstars from the USA!

- Creamy cheesecakes, leafy pies and delicate tarts - also gluten-free
Cut and dough pockets, fast baked and eaten out of hand
Two make one: creative pastry crossings
Delicious hearty recipes - as a snack or whole meal
Copied many times, never reached: Finally, Cynthia Barcomi ventilates the secret for the recipe of her legendary New York Cheesecake!

Variants for all: sweet, heartily, gluten-free

So let's go with you a journey into the wonderful world of cheesecakes, pies and tartes. Not only to discover new recipes - Cynthia Barcomi also reveals many practical back tips in her sixth book, which contribute to the success. Great or small, sweet, salty or gluten free: Cake allstars stand next to leafy pies and delicate tartes. How about a mango cheesecake, a hazelnut Frangipane Tart or Bear Claws? Cynthias cuts and dumplings are fast baked. The hearty recipes are perfect as a snack or whole meal. There are creative pastry crossings: two make one. The great thing: Everyone can bake Cynthia Barcomis recipes - they just always work. And that's exactly what she did so successfully - and her readers immediately.

Release date: 08. March 2016

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